1. Hi,

    Felicity Allen in London recently emailed to me regarding Catalyst. I teach in the Education Faculty at York University in Toronto, Canada. I am planning a trip to Kigali in January 2012 for a conference around the 20th anniversary of the genocide. In addition to conference participation, I am interested in considering sites of memory to the genocide, and particularly artists work in response to or in the ongoing aftermath of social, political and cultural repair. My focus is on the pedagogical work of memory, commemoration practice and artistic response, particularly given the complexities of representing the past and bringing it into the present in productive, future-imaginative ways. I would be very much interested in learning more about your project, and with meeting activists, artists and teachers involved in the project. I plan to be in Kigali, January 5-15th 2012. Thanks so much for your reply

    Warren Crichlow
    Associate Professor
    Faculty of Education
    York University
    Toronto, Canada

    1. Hi Warren, hope you got my email and your plans are developing well! Enjoy Rwanda. It is an amazing country.

  2. Hi Nicola for your info Drawings

    An exhibition by two artists whose practice is involved with drawing.

    Paul Digby was commissioned by Arts Council England to create a series of Portraits of people from the Chapeltown area of Leeds. Each person was asked to express an emotion of their choice. Paul’s references include Charles Darwin’s The Expressions of Emotions in Man and Animals and the psychology of Self.

    Hondartza Fraga is currently Leverhulme Trust artist-in-residence at the University of Hull’s Maritime History Department, Hondartza Fraga’s artworks explore our individual and collective relation to the world around us; the different ‘distances’ between ourselves and everything else: spatial, temporal, emotional, cultural and imagined. Her recent works have as main protagonists whales, doilies and maps.

    Venue: East Street Arts Show Space, 14 Warren Street, London, W1T 5LJ

    Private View: September 26th 2013 6-9pm

    Times and date: 27th September – 11th October 2013

    Supported by http://www.eaststreetarts.org.uk

  3. Just a quick note Nicola that your website is looking so great. I googled you earlier (to suggest a connection to someone else) and got to your website and hadn’t seen it in a while. It looks fab! Hope you (and Dec et. al) are well! Miss seeing you, -J

    1. Hi Jill! A year late, replying to this comment I’ve only just seen (haven’t logged into the admin for my website in ages!!). I really must get blogging again but it’s been so mad busy since I started the job at FACT Liverpool. Well, plus pandemic chaos and all that. In fact, I was thinking about you last week as I’m writing a chapter for a book on space and social studies. Hope you’re well. Miss you too. Would be amazing to meet up sometime!!

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