Handy tips for the new nuclear age (2)

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Hyperion backyard nuclear reactor

“Mini nuclear plants to power 20,000 homes”, The Guardian

Crisis over. Our energy problems are solved. Now we can have a mini-nuclear reactor in our neighbourhood, powering our homes come oil crisis, cloudy days or lack of wind. According to Hyperion Power Generation, their reactors are clean, safe, affordable and reliable – and the solution to global warming, dependence on foreign oil, undrinkable water, poverty, disease and social unrest. Let’s just assume no waste, security, supply, radioactivity risk or design problems then? Good-oh. Here’s the order line:www.hyperionpowergeneration.com

The opening of our Nuclear: art & radioactivity exhibition was great fun, and the Nuclear Talkaoke, hosted by The People Speak, kicked off a month of active discussion around the themes of the exhibition.  Online forum kicks off this week and the Nuclear Forum at the RSA takes place on the 28th.  Exhibition on until the end of the month.

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