Interspecies – artists collaborating with animals

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Nicolas Primat / Patrick Munck, Portrait de Famille (still)

How do humans and animals relate to each other? In The Arts Catalyst’s forthcoming Interspecies exhibition and event, seven international artists have created a range of work that explores this complex relationship. From live experiments that allow visitors to communicate with fish to a video work that explores the age-old affiliation between falconer and falcon, Interspecies will bring together a number of artists working with animals and explores the boundaries of our interaction.

Artists involved include: Kira O’Reilly, Antony Hall, Nicholas Primat, Ruth Maclennan, Rachel Mayeri, Beatriz da Costa, Snæbjörnsdóttir/Wilson.  The exhibition and live event is organised by The Arts Catalyst in partnership with A Foundation and will take place at A Foundation London, Rochelle School, Shoreditch from 2-4 October (with a private view on Thursday 1 October).

Interspecies will include a series of free events including two symposia, tours, workshops and a family day.

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